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Cedar Ridge Gardens Iris Tall bearded
Bearded Iris:
*historic (over 30 yrs old)

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(Cook) Ht 38" M HM, AM, DM. Violet ultramarine standards with Roslyn blue falls and medium blue beard tipped yellow. That great dark iris blue. Lovely! Limited $8.00
Amethyst Flame
(Schreiner) Ht 38" ML HM, AM, DM.Immense in size and elegant in form. An unusual tinted blend of lavender, light violet and rose heliotrope. The shoulders of the falls carry an overlay of chestnut and the beard is almost white. It shows a touch of a red throat thus it's name. Nicely ruffled. $7.00
Anna Belle Babson
(Hager) Ht 35" M HM, AM. Intense pink with tangerine beard. Very ruffled and very feminine. Strong plant and prolific. Just spectacular! $8.00
Aztec Treasure
(R&L Miller) Ht 34" M Dark chrome yellow w/dark honey yellow overlay on hafts, faint honey rim and beard. Heavily ruffled. Very beautiful big yellow. One of our very best yellows. Very Limited. $10.00
Babbling Brook
(Keppel) Ht 38" M HM, AM, DM.Absolutely fabulous French blue/violet with a light yellow beard. Very unusual colour and fragrant. Large blooms. $7.00
Before The Storm
(Innerst) Ht 36" M HM, AM, DM.Darkest inky black of all our iris with a black beard w/bronze tip. Really strong and prolific. I love black flowers and this is one of the very best blacks. I love it! Going with us. $7.00
Best Bet
(Schreiners) Ht 36" E HM, AM, DM. Pale blue w/white standards, dark blue falls and beard. Huge strong grower. Re-bloomer. Great iris. $6.00
Blue Rhythm
(Whiting) Ht 34" M HM, AM, DM. Iridescent true blue with a white beard. Stunning in the garden. Good strong award winning plant. $6.00
Blue Sapphire
(Schreiner) Ht 40" E HM, AM, DM. Light silvery blue self with light blue beard and lovely ruffling. Very pretty award winner from top hybridizer. $7.00
Celebration Song
(Schreiner's) Ht 37" EL HM, AM, JW, DM-2003. A real treat to the eye. Apricot/pink self with lavender blue falls and an orange/red beard. Highly ruffled and a huge bloom. Just an all around wonderful flower. Very feminine with naughty beard. Limited $9.00
(Wills) Ht 38" M HM, AM, DM. Very pristine medium blue self with white hafts and a gold beard tipped white. Nicely ruffled and a very strong plant. Award winner. $7.00
Cinnamon Girl
(Schreiner) Ht 35" E HM. WOW! Earthy cinnamon cream and rose red standards with cream falls, rose red border and cinnamon highlights. Yellow beards. Sugar and spice; earthy colours for the garden. Bargain! $8.00
(Zurbrigg) Ht 35" M HM, AM, JW. White standards with violet shading. Falls are white with wide violet blue edges. Strong, vigorous re bloomer. $7.00
(Byers) Ht 38" M HM, AM, JW, DM-98. The white standards are accented with wispy blue/violet.. A deeper band of amethyst/violet adorn the edges the falls. A tangerine beard and fuzzy white horn adds a striking contrast. Strong plant. $7.00
(W. Ayres) Ht 36 M HM, AM, JW, DM. Unusual pale lilac with pink standards and heavily veined shoulders. Set off with burgundy purple falls. Gold beards. Striking! $6.00
(Connell) Ht 38" M HM, AM, DM. A medium purple self flushed with magenta. The falls are a velvety amaranth purple with white cream haft and golden beard. Unusual veining on the shoulders. Very unusual colour, dark accent. Limited $7.00
 sold out
Debbie Rairdon
(R.Kuntz) Ht 36" ML JC, HM, AM, DM. Subdued yellow standards with white on the reverse side. Falls pearly white and gold edge. Gold beard & nicely veined. Light spot. $6.00
Designing Woman
(Gatty) EL Ht 36" HM, AM. (In Anne's top 10) This is one beautiful iris. Very feminine with its ruffled picotee edge. Its self is a wonderful shade of lilac with a blend of purple and buff on the falls. Favorite! Stunning! Limited $7.00
 sold out
Dream Lover
(Tams) Ht 36" ML HM, AM, DM, Lovely white standards flushed with berry blue. Bluish purple falls and blue beard. Nicely ruffled. Award winner. $6.00
Dusky Challenger
(Schreiner) Ht 39 ML HM, AM, DM, Highly ruffled silky rich purple self w/deep violet black beard. At the top of the popularity poles every year. $9.00
Eleanor's Pride
(Watkins) Ht 41" M HM, AM, DM. A very pretty powder blue with lovely ruffling and gold beard. Strong plant and multiplies well. Combines well with stronger colours in the border. $6.00
Everything Plus
(Niswonger) Ht 34" M HM, AM, DM. Pale blue/white standards with white ground and deep violet plicata markings on the falls. Purple beard tipped bronze. A strong long blooming quality iris. A favorite in the garden. Strong plant. $7.00
Fancy Woman
(Keppel) Ht 38" EM HM, AM. Highly ruffled unusual lilac purple with pearl gray edge & Red beards. Just a stunning flower in any garden. Top quality and beautiful too. $9.00
 sold out
First Violet
(Deforest) Ht 34" EM HM, AM, DM. A light to dark violet blended self with a pale blue almost white beard. Very large shimmering bloom. The blending gives the flower a lovely accent to its folds and ruffles. Lovely affect. $6.00
Goodnight Moon
(Schreiner) Ht 39" M Hard to get a good yellow iris. However I think this is certainly one of the best. Ruffled clear lemon yellow self with golden yellow beards. Great substance adds to the beauty of this flower. $9.00
Gypsy Romance
(Schreiner) Ht 37" ML HM, AM, JM. Highly ruffled rich violet to mulberry with blue purple beards. Large outstanding well formed bloom. Just one beautiful flower. $7.00
Helen McGregor
(Graves) Ht 36" M HM, AM, DM Superb light blue with a yellow beard and rounded form. This is a wonderful exhibition iris. $6.00
Hello Darkness
(Schreiner) Ht 37" EM HM, AM, DM. Rich velvety dark black flower with black beards. This is the only black iris that I know of that is totally black. Stunning large flowers. A real show piece in the garden. $7.00
 sold out
Historic Copper
Ht 34" M Don Martin Award It is not very often that I keep a plant that we do not have a name for, but this is one I did keep. It will be going with us. A true copper on the standards with golden orange shoulders and copper falls with a slight rose overlay. This one is stunning in the garden. $6.00
Honky Tonk Blues
(Schreiner) Ht 37" M HM, AM, JW, DM. (Number 22 on AIS popularity poll & in Anne's top 10) A wonderful blend of shades in blue and edged with spectacular heavy ruffles. Just a great performer and beautiful. $7.00
(Zurbrigg) Ht 35" M HM, AM. (27 on Can. US. Popularity pole) Highly ruffled white. Large lovely blooms, slightly sweet fragrance and classed as a re bloomer. $7.00

 sold out
Jesse's Song
(Willimson) Ht 35" EM AM, DM. (In Anne's top 10) White ground with wide, sanded methyl violet edges. Generously ruffled. Good strong plant. Disease resistant. $7.00
Laced Cotton
(Schreiner) Ht 36" ML Very heavily laced edge, and immaculately clean pure white bloom. Beards are also pure white. Very fine ruffling. Very unusual form. $8.00
 sold out
Latin Lover
(Shoop) Ht 36" EM HM, AM.A lavender plicata self and edge on velvet grape falls and tangerine beard. A real beauty. A visitor favorite. $7.00
Mary Frances
(Gaulter) Ht 38" M HM, AM, DM.Ruffled light blue/orchid with white centre on falls. White beard tipped yellow. Orange throat. Lovely accent plant. $6.00
Mary Geddes
(Stahlman/Washington) Ht 34" M HM, AM, DM. Standards Salmon flush with yellow on the standards and the same shade on the falls overlaid with Pompeian red. $8.00
Mary Randall
(Fay) Ht 36" M HM, AM, DM. Very unusual, very pretty bengal rose self with a unique red beard. Striking in the garden. $8.00
(Byers) Ht 37" M EM, AM, DM. Huge ruffled bloom with a pure white self. Dramatic frilled flounces protruding from the ends of the beards. Latest trend. $9.00
(Grinter) Ht 40" EM HM AM WM Fine medium blue self with slightly deeper blue falls. Beautiful plicata hafts and a yellow beard tipped with white. $7.00
(Ghio) Ht 36" EL HM, AM, DM. Light blue moving down to a darker blue standards with deep blue purple mid ribs. Deep purple falls and light blue beard. Long bloom period. This is an exquisitely beautiful iris. $8.00
Ola Kala
(Sass) Ht 36" L HM, AM, DM. Deep intense ruffled yellow. You will not find a deeper yellow than this. Really glows in the garden. One of the best yellows. Hardy. $7.00
Orange Slices
(Niswonger) Ht 33" ML, AM. Subtly orange and pink tones. Produces very unusual blend of colours. Bright orange beards. Strong and vigorous. Good bud count. $7.00
Pacific Panorama
(Sexton) Ht 40" M HM AM DM Medium violet with a deep violet flush over the falls. Outstanding white beard and lovely ruffles. $7.00
Pink Taffeta
(Rudolph) Ht 31" M HM, AM, DM. If you like big beautiful and feminine blooms this is it! This is a spectacular highly ruffled pink flower. It is hardy but will not clump quickly. $8.00
 sold out
Prairie Sunset
(Sass) Ht 32" ML HM, AM, DM. A blend of peach, apricot, rose, copper, and gold are so well done that it defies description. A fine big bloom that will thrill you. $9.00
Queen Dorothy
(Hall) Ht 29" EM HM. Basic pure white with violet plicata edge with mid violet stripes and veining. Yellow beard. Re-bloomer. $6.00
(Sass) Ht 36" ML HM, AM, DM. Deep olive buff arching standards with deeply flushed argyle purple falls, bright gold variegated shoulders and orange beard. Strong! $7.00
Ring Around Rosy
(Ernst) Ht 35" M HM, AM. Yellow hallo on white standards and rose highly stippled (sanded) centre with plum yellow edge. Yellow beard. Very unusual. $8.00
Rippling Waters
(Fay) Ht 37" M HM, AM, DM. Blue orchid and pink blended self. Tangerine beard. $6.00
Rosy Wings
(Gage) Ht 34" M HM, AM, SM. Light rose standards with heavily veined shoulders and a large dark rose with copper tones, center on light rose falls. giving this spectacular bloom an iridescence. $7.00
Sable Night
(Cook) Ht 36" M EM HM, AM, DM. Black purple standards with mahogany black falls and dark gold to purple beard. Stunning! First black iris to win the DM. $7.00
San Francisco
(Mohr) Ht 40" M HM, AM, DM. First recipient of the Dykes Medal in 1927. White with a distinct lavender edge on self and falls. Hardy and strong grower. $6.00
(Babson) Ht 38" EM HM, AM, DM. A deep medium blue self with flaring falls and closed standards. Crisp clean lines, just like its name. Beautiful in a bright border. $5.00
Sierra Blue
(Essig) Ht 48" M HM, AM, DM, Wisteria violet self. Falls are wide flaring, will branched. Huge flower with nice ruffling. Beards are blue with yellow tip. $6.00
Soft Jazz
Ht 34" M HM. Soft buff yellow with soft purple ribs and veining. Dark plum purple falls with white plicata and gold yellow beards. One of Don's favorites. $8.00
 sold out
Song of Norway
(luihn) Ht 38" ML HM, AM, DM. Ruffled silvery light powder blue self. Deep bluebird blue beard tipped silver. $8.00
(Schreiner's) Ht 35" M A real showoff in burnt orange and wine/red with yellow beards. Hardy and vigorous. Unusual colour. Love it! $8.00
Speed Limit
(Lauer) Ht 38" EM AM. Hyacinth blended blue with a white spot on the falls and white beards. Great ruffling and flared. Fragrant and re blooms for us. $12.00
Spun Gold
(Glutzbeck) Ht 38" EM, HM, DM.Exquisite velvety yellow gold with lovely veining on the falls. Great all around plant. Visitors love it. $7.00
 sold out
Study In Black
(Plough) Ht 32" EM HM AM If you want a stunning contrast, this black flower will blow you away. Don loves black flowers and this is his favorite iris. Dark purple black beard finishes the stunning bloom. $8.00
 sold out
(Mahan) Ht 37" EM HM, AM. Standards are white flushed light violet around edge and violet mid rid. Falls are medium to deep violet. Good strong performer. $6.00
(Schreiner) Ht 36" L HM,AM. Unusual colour of clear, solid mulberry . Extremely ruffled and fragrant, with lots of buds for a long bloom period. Beauty $8.00
 sold out
(Byers) Ht 35" M HM, AM, JW, DM. Green/tan blending to brown with brown beard and purple horns. Really unusual and spectacular in the garden. Favorite of Anne's. $7.00
Titan's Glory
(Schreiner) Ht 37" HM, AM, DM. Bishop's purple with same coloured beard. Very large flower. heavily ruffled, stunning. A real show piece. $9.00
Total Recall
(Hager) Ht 34" EL HM, AM. Smoky pearl standards with pearl white falls and bright lemon trimmed edge. Very strong re-bloomer. $12.00
Truly Yours
(Fay) Ht 32" M HM, AM, DM. Graceful light gold standards and white falls with a gold edge. Just a hint of ruffling. An elegant bright spot in the garden. $7.00
(Hager) Ht 36" EL HM, AM, DM. Light pink self with a light flush of rose. Light coral red beard. Lovely ruffling . Really pretty large bloom. $7.00
 sold out
Victoria Falls
(Schreiner's) EL Ht 40" HM, AM, DM Limited Light rich royal blue self with white blaze and beard. Very pretty and strong. One of our favorites. Exquisitely ruffled. $6.00
Violet Harmony
(Lowry) M Ht 36" HM, AM, DM. Beautiful big violet. Violet bloom with darker veining and gold to cream beard. Wow! $6.00
(Williamson) M Ht 40" HM, AM, DM. Spectacular white self against dark blue falls with light edges, white and blue shoulders and yellow gold beard. Contrast is iridescent. $7.00
Whole Cloth
(Cook) Ht 36" M HM, AM, DM. Clean white standards with light violet falls (no haft marks) Very clear clean bloom. Great bloom, Very subtle. $8.00
Winter Olympics
(Brown) Ht 37" EM HM, AM, DM. Pure whites are hard to find but this has a white self and white beard. Very ruffled and beautiful. $8.00

 sold out
World Premier
(Schreiner) Ht 37" ML HM, AM. Run/up SM, 2005. Icy white standards, inky blue purple falls. An outstanding contrast of colour. Highly ruffled & extremely vigorous bloomer. Wonderful $20.00
 sold out
Yaquina Blue
(Schreiner) Ht 37" M HM, AM, DM. Very ruffled, rich, medium blue. Huge Flower. Outstanding! $10.00
 sold out

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