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Cedar Ridge Gardens Iris: other Bearded Iris:
•Border Bearded
•Intermediate Bearded
•Standard Dwarf Bearded
•Miniature-Dwarf Bearded
•Siberian Iris
•Spuria Iris
*historic (over 30 yrs old)

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Border Bearded
(Ensminger) Ht 24" E HM, AM, KM. DM. Irregular splashes and streaks of white on dark purple. $6.00
Brown Lasso
(Niswonger) Ht 24" EM HM, AM, DM. Mustard standards, falls orchid lavender with brown edge. The only BB to win the Dykes Metal. Awesome flower. $6.00
 sold out
Ht 24" Soft yellow self with lavender falls with yellow edge. Gold beard. Lovely plicata on shoulders. Very hardy and disease resistant. $4.00
Intermediate Bearded
(15" to 28")
Candy Floss
(Keppel)Beautiful ruffled peach flushed with a lavender overlay. Unusual and a winner with visitors. $5.00
I Bless
(Zurbrigg) HM. Ruffled cream (almost white) with creamy yellow beards. Good strong plant. Light spot in the garden. $5.00
Maui Gold
(Aitken) HM, AM, HS. Ruffled sunflower yellow with pale orange beards. Strong plant. $8.00
Precious Little Pink
(Byers) Ht 15" E Strong re-bloomer in our garden. This pretty bloom has a pink self with blue pink and white on the falls. Beautiful! $6.00
Red Zinger
(Black) Ht 26" M Wide ruffled strawberry red self with darker burgundy red falls and black berry spot. Yellow beards. Great presence in the garden. $5.00
Strawberry Love
(Blyth) Ht 20" EM If you can imagine crushed strawberries blending to rose/pink you can picture how this graceful bi-tone will steal your heart. To set it off it also has a red beard. $6.00
Standard Dwarf Bearded
(8" to 15")
Autumn Embers
(Chapman) Ht 12" L For the front of your border try this delight. Bright yellow standard with red to brown falls, a yellow edge and center streak. Bright yellow beard. The visitors love this one. $4.00
Baby Blessed
(Zurbrigg) Ht 10" E Cuddly light yellow with a small white spot on the falls. Cream beards. A real soft spot at the front of the border. A great gift to the garden loving new mother. (Eh Grandma?) $4.00
Balkana Baby
(Boswell) Ht 9" M Pale blue violet standards with yellow mid ribs. Maroon violet falls and blue violet edge. Blue tipped beards. $4.00
Balmy Breeze
(A&D Willot) Ht 13" ML Ruffled white, blue cast and small amount of yellow in hafts. White beards and yellow throat. $4.00
Barney s Delight
(Willott) Ht 12" ML A highly ruffled apricot self with darker hafts and orange beards. $4.00
Blue Line
(Jones) Ht 10" M HM ,AM. An exceptionally pure white with beautifully contrasting blue beards. Very elegant combination. Strong plant. $4.00
 sold out
Blueberry Tart
(Chapman) Ht 11" E Blue berry coloured standards with a thin blue rim around olive tan falls with a maroon spot. Blue beard. Re bloomer. $7.00
Balkana Baby
(Boswell) Ht 9" M Pale blue violet standards with yellow mid rib and maroon violet falls with blue violet edge. Blue tipped beards. $4.00
Butterscotch Carpet
(Chapman) Ht 10" L LA This great little iris has tan standards and dark butterscotch falls with a narrow yellow/tan edge and lines in its throat. It sports an orange beard tipped yellow. which with any luck will last four weeks. $4.00
Candy Apple
(Hamblen) Ht 12" M AM A varnished smooth sweet red dwarf iris. If you would like to have a red splash at the front of your border, this will do it. $4.00
(Chapman) Ht 12" M Smooth pastel cantaloupe orange with orange brown spot and darker orange rim on the falls. Veining on the shoulders and coral beard. $6.00
Captured Spirit
(Nichols) Ht 13" EL Pure white to creamy yellow on both standards and falls. It sports an orange and lavender beard. $4.00
C/R Lavender and White
This iris was moved from our garden in Oakville. We had so few plants we wouldn't have had a garden without it. It is unnamed but has some wonderful qualities. It is extremely disease resistant, very prolific, long blooming, and fragrant. We have mass planted it as a ground cover or planted individually. 3 For $5.00
(Blyth) Ht 13" M Pink with smoky cast and lavender blue beard. $4.00
Cherry Tart
(Aitken) Ht 10" M Intense silver/rose standards with burgundy/red falls and a blue beard. A good plant for the front of the hot border. Limited $4.00
 sold out
Cherry Web
(Chapman) Ht 13" ML Light rose pink standards and falls with a dark cherry centre lightening to edges. Very beautiful and vigorous $5.00
Chubby Cheeks
(Black) Ht 12" E AM White ground colour (plicata) with large rose/violet edge and veining. Rounded and ruffled. A real treat. Favorite in the garden. $4.00
Coquette Doll
(Palmer) Ht 14" EM Pure ruffled white standards and pure white with red veining falls. Yellow beards. Great strong plant. Good show plant. $4.00
(Chapman) Ht 13" M Violet and tan standards. Top third of falls are yellow and bottom is dark violet. Light violet beard. $9.00
Dark Vader
(Miller) Ht 11" M AM This beauty has ruffled dark blue/violet standards with black falls and bushy blue beards. If you like almost black, as I do, this is your centerpiece for the front of the border. $5.00
Dress Whites
(Hite) Ht 9" M Chalky, starchy white with a hint of blue and blond beard. Great white plant for the border. $4.00
Eramosa Skies
(Chapman) Ht 13" M HM A stunning sky blue self with a light violet beard. Strong plant; award winner. $4.00
Forever Blue
(Chapman) Ht 12" E HM, AM. Light blue with dark violet blue beards. Very strong re-bloomer. $5.00
Glebe Brook
(Burton) Ht 12" M HM Vibrant powder blue veined green with a blue halo around a blue beard. Compliments any colours in the garden. Great iris. $6.00
Iced Wine
(Chapman) Ht 11" M White self with very beautiful and unusual falls. The fall are heavily veined with grape and a spectacular contrasting white edge. $6.00
 sold out
Indian Jewel
( Brown) Ht 11" L HM. White standards with enamel blue falls blending to white at the edge. White beards blending to yellow in throat $5.00
(Kepple) Ht 14" EM HM Very ruffled goldenrod yellow and green gives a tan bi-tone effect. Wisteria violet beards. $10.00
Klingon Princess
(Chapman) Ht 9" M Standards are a yellow tan with a violet ribs and wash. The falls have an added citrine rim and a violet beard. Very beautiful and unusual. $5.00
Leprechaun s Purse
(Chapman) Ht 12" M Very light green with a darker eyelash spot and laced edge. Really beautiful. Strong plant. $5.00
Little Annie
(Niswonger) 13" M HM AM Dark velvet red wine with a large red almost black spot on the falls. Yellow to cream beards Very ruffled. Spectacular! $4.00
Live Coals
(Schreiner) Ht 14" E HM Sunshine yellow highly ruffled self with falls of mahogany brown and a fine yellow edge. Yellow beards. Really a showoff! $6.00
Orange Gumdrops
(Niswonger) Ht 10" E Light orange standards with medium orange falls and a red beard $5.00
Orange Tiger
(Jones) Ht 11" HM, AM, CD. Vivid deep orange with a prominent orange red beard. Fragrant. $6.00
Peach Petal Pie
(Niswonger) Ht 10" M AM. Wide ivory with pink wash and intense pink beard, $5.00
Smell The Roses
(Byers) Ht 10" M Fragrant medium violet blue with rosy violet shoulders. Blue beard. Strong re bloomer. $4.00
 sold out
Time To Shine
(Black) Ht 14" L Medium blues violet standards with blue violet falls with dark red spot around beard. White haft area veined red plum. Beards are light blue white changing to orange at end, $9.00
Violet Wine
Ht 12" MA deep burgundy wine with a slightly darker violet blush. This gives depth to the flower. The ruffling gives it a formal feminine look. $4.00
(Blyth) Ht 12" VE Light old rose pink standards with dark pink falls and the beard is tipped blue. Just a lovely flower and strong plant. $4.00
Miniature Dwarf Bearded
(up to 8")
(Hager) Ht 7" M HM, AM, CW. Clean yellow with dark maroon spot. Orange beard. $4.00
Candy Fluff
(Miller) Ht 7" L HM AM Pale soft Venetian pink self and pink to white falls. Tangerine to white beard. Pretty as a picture. $4.00
(Hager) Ht 7" EL HM AM CW Ex Ben Hager of Beverly Sills fame has used his unique skills to breed this vigorous little beauty. Dark maroon spotted falls are outstanding against icy white standards. $3.00
Flirty Eye
(Roberts) Ht 8" M HM White falls with a violet wash down the center contrasted against snow white standards. $3.00
Mini Plic
( Brown) Ht 6" E HM. White plicata with medium violet stitching on the edges. Lovely bright spot in the garden. $3.00
Pixie Flirt
(Willott) Ht 8" ML AM. Very ruffled white stitched red violet with cream beards tipped with red violet. Stunning! $4.00
Red Atlast
(Mahood) Ht 8" L HM. Bright red with a deeper red fall spot and white beards. Striking colour and a highlight in your early garden. $4.00
Sleepy Time
(Schreiners) Ht 6" HM. Pretty light blue with lovely contrasting white beard. $4.00
(Miller) Ht 6" M Pale bluebird blue standards with violet veined overlay on the falls. Dark gold veining on hafts. $5.00
Tickle Me
(Chapman) Ht 5" L HM. Really cute name and iris. A really pretty clear pink with coral beards. Very hardy and vigorous. $4.00
(Sindt) Ht 6" EM HM, AM, CW. Smooth butter yellow with medium blue beards. A great small iris. Multi award winner. $4.00

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