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General Rules to Follow

1. Try to decide what qualities you want to see in your future daylilies. A few to look for are: great vigour, excellent branching and bud count, beautiful lush foliage, a flower opening well and first thing in the morning, and last but not least, a beautiful bloom. Are there certain colours you like? Do beautiful eyes or edges fascinate you? The sky really is the limit. You may even get lucky, and find that million dollar elusive blue daylily in your progeny!

2. Buy one expensive plant and combine it with the very best performing plant in your garden.

3. Do not cross two plants, however beautiful, that have the same faults. For example, if a daylily does not multiply well, donít cross it with another with the same problem.

4. Some evergreen daylilies are not very hardy in the north, but crossing a spectacular evergreen with a spectacular dormant daylily can strengthen the offspring.

5. It is wise not to cross two daylilies from the same hybridizer. In that way, you can bring a wider variety of genes to your future progeny.
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