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Propagating the Seeds

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Checking Seeds
Checking Seeds
Preparing to Plant
Preparing to Plant.jpg
Planting Seeds
Planting Seeds
I usually start my seeds indoors in February or March. Plant the seeds about ¼ to ½ inch deep in a soiless mixture. I use cell packs for my seeds, placed in a tray with a plastic cover. The cover keeps the soil moist which is necessary for successful germination.

      Use a spray bottle to keep the soiless mix damp, but not wet. Put them in a bright warm space until germination takes place. One should start to see the little green grass-like spears in 7-10 days, although I have had seedlings take up to three weeks or longer to germinate.

      My seedlings remain indoors until April when I harden them off in our greenhouse. The seedlings are finally planted out in mid May.

      Plant all your seedlings from the same cross together in rows and label them well. It is very interesting for me to see how similar or different each of the seedlings is, especially when they all come from the very same set of parents. Just like one’s children!

      In the north I have to wait about three years to see the result of my crosses. A few bloom after two years. Talk about teaching one to be patient!
Labelling Daylily Cross
Labelling Daylily Cross
Spraying Surface
Spraying Surface
Daylily seedlings by window
Daylily seedlings by window
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