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Secret Splendor (J. Salter) Ht 26" Fl 6" ML Ev Tet A pure lavender rose pink with gold throat radiating out on the petals and gold pie crust edge. Striking combination and a favorite at the garden. Re-bloomer and puts on a show. Great specimen plant. D/F $15.00
Shaka Zulu (S. Moldovan) Ht 28" Fl 6" EM Sev Tet Unusual, clear, dark grape purple with an accenting white edge and pale watermark. Steve said it was one of his very best. Considering his exceptional introductions that is a top honour for this plant. A stunning plant with extended bloom and re-bloom. D/F $45.00
Sherry Lane Carr (Carr) Ht 23" Fl 6.5" EM Ev Tet A startling creamy yellow with a tightly ruffled gold edge and light mid ribs. Great substance, a re-bloomer, fragrant and has extended bloom. D/F $40.00
Siloam Olin Frazier (P.Henry) Ht 22" Fl 5" E Dor Tet Hot, hot rose peony type DOUBLE. Lovely clear colour, one of Pauline's best. Extended bloom and a strong plant. Fantastic! D/F $24.00
Soft Summer Night (Stamile) Ht 23" Fl 5" EM Dor Tet Soft plush pink with a beautiful rose eye. A very feminine nicely ruffled beauty. Very strong fragrant re bloomer. Our large clump in the front bed bloomed for at least 6 weeks and with spectacular bud count was just covered in bloom. One of the best performers. D/F $25.00
Southern Romance (T.Petit) Ht 19" Fl 5.5" M Ev Tet White cream with a beautiful gold pie crust edge, gold watermark and throat. Great performer and a great addition to a garden. One of my all time favorites. One of Ted's best. D/F $35.00
South Sea Enchantment (Billingslea) Ht 21" Fl 6" M Sev Tet A deep pure rose pink colour that is unbelievably beautiful. This lovely flower is highly ruffled, fragrant, extended bloom, and a re-bloomer. What more can you ask? I think this is one of the prettiest of all time! D/F $35.00
Splendid Touch (P.Stamile) Ht 26" Fl 6" EM Ev Tet A pale pink beauty with a deeper pink eye and spectacular recurved picotee ruffled gold edge. Very nice! Good branching and bud count. Fragrant, extended bloom and a re-bloomer. D/F $22.00
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