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Norman S. Track (Lorrain/Lycett) Ht 39" Fl 5" L Sev Tet Very dark purple with a slate watermark. One of the best, colour fast dark purples. Good northern plant. Regular D/F $25.00 Special D/F 20.00
Northern Giant (P.Stamile) Ht 23" Fl 7" M Dor Tet Beautiful baby ribbon pink of exceptional clarity with a highly ruffled golden edge. 21 buds per scape on 3 way branching. Pod and pollen fertile. Gorgeous! Selling $100.00 U.S. V/Limited S/F $50.00
 sold out
Nosferatu (Hanson) Ht 26" Fl 6" M Sev Tet Big deep rich purple. Colour fast and fragrant. Great presence in the garden. Fragrant and loved by all. Limited D/F $ $18.00
Parade of Peacocks (Oakes) Ht 36" Fl 8" ML Dor Dip A rose peach with a very interesting shaped rose eye. Classified as a twisted crispate UFO. Huge flower to put on a show. V/Limited D/F $22.00
 sold out
Pardon Me Boy (L.Pickles) Ht 30" Fl 5" EM Dor Tet A very unusual Myrtle pink with a rich red eye. Crepe finish heavily veined and beautifully ruffled. Excellent plant. Grows well. V/Limited D/F $25.00
Paris Café (Lorrain/Lycett) Ht 30" Fl 5.5" M Dor Tet Clear salmon pink, with lovely ruffling. Slightly recurved with a pleasing round form. Fragrant. Great strong plant. Favourite. Limited D/F $15.00
Passion District (Carr) Ht 28" Fl 5.8" M Ev Tet Re A deep ruby red ruffled beauty with both an eye, water mark and very good substance. It is extravagantly ruffled and topped with a white picotee edge. Just stunning in a clump. Superb parent; fertile both ways. 4 to 5 way branching with about 40 buds. D/F $45.00
Pink Shimmer (Schwartz/Kirchhoff) Ht 32" Fl 5.5" M Sev Tet A clear bright peach pink peony type DOUBLE. Classed as a re-bloomer with extended bloom. Twisted ruffling. Spectacular colour. V/Limited S/F $60.00
Powder Puff Truffle (Kirchhoff) Ht 30" Fl 6" M Ev Tet A melon self with a melon rose halo. Big spectacular DOUBLE. Great performer in our Zn 4b garden. Huge bud count on 4 way branching. It is a re-bloomer with extended bloom. Just outstanding in all ways. One of David's best in the superior Truffle Series of daylilies. Limited S/F $25.00
Pucker (Roberts) Ht 28" Fl 5" M Sev Tet Light pink blend with a large dark purple radiating eye. It boasts extended bloom. It is a reverse petal crispate out of Paper Butterfly. UFO. D/F $24.00
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