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Lavender Kisses (Hanson) Ht 24" Fl 6" EM Sev Tet Very clear lavender with a creped texture, small lighter lavender halo and emerald throat. A real pretty bloom and a great performer in the garden. Sells for $25.00 SPECIAL D/F $12.00
Little Gypsy Girl (G.Stamile) Ht 16" Fl 2.5" E Sev Dip Super pretty little dark cherry red DOUBLE flower accented with a fine white edge. Wonderful at front of the border. It is also fragrant, nocturnal and a re-bloomer 20 to 22 Buds. Selling for $50.00 U.S. Limited D/F $35.00
 sold out
Little Red Baron (G.Stamile) Ht 16" Fl 2.5" EM Sev Dip Little perfect rose red DOUBLE. Look like a rose bud at the front of the border. You will love this fragrant, nocturnal, re-bloomer. 36 to 40 buds per scape. Selling for $50.00 U.S. V/Limited D/F $35.00
 sold out
Little Show Stopper (G.Stamile) Ht 20" Fl 2.5" M Sev Dip A rose tending to lavender DOUBLE. Grace has outdone herself with the unusual colour of this spectacular flower. Strong re-bloomer, one of my all time favorites. D/F $20.00
Long Stocking (P.Stamile) Ht 46" Fl 9.5" EM Ev Tet Tall lipstick red spider variant with a huge flower. At the back of the border it will give great movement to your garden. Strong plant in our garden D/F 20.00
 sold out
Louis Lorrain (Lorain/Lycett) Ht 37" Fl 5" ML Dor Tet A very beautiful lavender purple with a slate pink purple eye. One of Doug's best and named after Henry's father. Colour fast under all conditions. Great northern plant. D/F $23.00
Magic Elf (G.Stamile) Ht 14" Fl 3" M Dor Dip Lavender pink with a very unusual radiating eye. Outer ring is dark fuchsia, mid ring is lavender and a purple inner eye. Wonderful crepe texture, slightly recurved with a round form. Spectacular! Sells for $50.00 U.S. D/F $35.00
Mango Time (Pierce) Ht 26" Fl 6.5" EE Ev Tet Beautiful big orange with a great contrasting red eye. Wonderful performer. One of my favourites. D/F $20.00
Mariachi Band (Weston) Ht 30" Fl 5" M Sev Tet A bright cherry red polychrome with a distinctive cream white edge framing each petal. Fragrant and a great specimen plant for a beautiful garden. This one is unusual and a collector. Limited D/F 32.00
Mask of Time (J.Salter) Ht 26" Fl 6" ML Sev Tet A spectacular rose with a huge plum eye and pencil edge. Anne says "absolutely stunning". A classic daylily with great branching and bud count. It also re-blooms for us. Strong plant in the north. D/F $25.00
Merlot Rouge (T.Petit) Ht 21" Fl 5.5" M Ev Tet Burgundy red Double. When this one blooms we cannot keep it on the table. Visitors just love this one and so do I. Great plant for the north. D/F $20.00
Moonlit Masquerade (J. Salter) Ht 26" Fl 5.5" EM Ev Tet Cream white With a lovely burgundy purple eye. It deservingly won the Stout Medal, the top award, due to its all around beauty and performance. Strong re-bloomer. A classic! D/F $ 14.00
Mrs. London's Apricot Tart (M. Mason) Ht 27" Fl 6" M Dor Tet A glowing pastel apricot with a fantastic strawberry halo and light (White) ribbing. This great plant from a northern hybridizer is fragrant and has 30+ on 5 way branching. Selling for $ 50.00 U.S. D/F $35.00
Mulberry Connection ( P.Stamile) Ht 25" Fl 5.5" M Sev Tet Mulberry lavender peony type DOUBLE with a purple eye and purple wire edge. Very unusual colour not seen in doubles. Strong plant and is bound to be a classic. Extraordinary plant. Selling for S/F $100.00 U.S. Ltd. S/F $50.00
Mystical Rainbow (P.Stamile) Ht 25" Fl 5.5" EM Dor Tet A fabulous raspberry pink flower with an unusual double brushed rose eye with a dark rim around the eye. Beautifully ruffled. Strong plant. Award Of Merit 2004. D/F $20.00
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