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Hail Mary (S. Moldovan) Ht 24" Fl 5.5" E Dor Tet Clear true pink with a darker halo. Steve Moldovan has been working for years developing clear colours. H.M. has such a clear colour that it is used in hybridizing to clarify other seedlings. Extremely pod fertile. D/F $24.00
Hampton Magic (D.Trimmer) Ht 24" Fl 6" EM Ev Tet Re A pale peach lavender DOUBLE with a pale purple eye. H.M. has extended bloom and is nocturnal. Very stunning garden presence. D/F $19.00
Hearts of Fire (P.Stamile) Ht 32" Fl 6" M Ev Tet Re A brilliant cerise red with a grass green throat. Highly textured and ruffled with a waxy finish that almost gives to flower a glow. A really lovely display plant that will give your garden a boost. Re-bloom and fragrant. D/F $35.00
Hundred Kisses (Sellers) Ht 24" Fl 4" M Ev Dip Pastel pink DOUBLE with a texture like crape paper and lovely overall ruffling that almost makes it look like a perfect paper flower. Good bud count and branching for a double. (Selling for $35.00 U.S. D/F) D/F $28.00
Imperial Dragon (D.Kirchhoff) Ht 26" Fl 6" E Sev Dip A dark cherry red DOUBLE with a yellow border. Great presence in the garden. Registered as a re-bloomer and is fragrant. SPECIAL D/F $12.00
Imperial Splendor (J. Salter) Ht 27" Fl 6" M Sev Tet Velvety purple lavender with a pink purple watermark and edge. Nicely ruffled and very beautiful. Classed as a re-bloomer. D/F $16.00
Jan's Twister (J. Joiner) Ht 28" Fl 11.5" EM Ev Dip U.F.O. Lovely bright peach. If you would like some fun place some spider or unusual form daylilies in your border. The huge blooms will give your garden movement in the slightest breeze. D/F $18.00
 sold out
Joanne Baskerville (Lorrain/Lycett) Salmon pink with a dark pink edge and chartreuse throat. Highly ruffled and a strong northern plant. Beautiful! (Selling for $25.00) SPECIAL D/F $12.00
John Kirkland (D.Kirchhoff) Ht 28" Fl 5.5" EM Ev Tet Flesh pink DOUBLE with orchid mid ribs and saw tooth edge. This daylily is one of my all time favorites. J.K. is a re-bloomer, has extended bloom and is fragrant. Once it starts to re-bloom, this daylily carries on until frost takes the last buds. Incredible!!!! S/F $35.00
John Simkins (Lorrain Lycett) Ht 39" Fl 5.5" M Dor Tet A rich burgundy purple with a pale pink purple radiating watermark and petal edge.. A very strong northern daylily. Sells for $30.00 SPECIAL D/F $18.00
Karl Peterson (T. Petit) Ht 24" Fl 5.5" M Sev Tet Large beautiful ivory cream flower. Round and recurved with a lovely ruffled edge. Bright spot in the garden. Sells for $24.00 SPECIAL D/F $16.00
Kendall Hills (Lorrain/Lycett) Ht 39" Fl 5" E Dor Tet Gold with a dark gold ruffled edge. Recurved and a re-bloomer. Good strong plant in the north. Sells for $30.00 SPECIAL D/F $15.00
Killer (P.Stamile) Ht 28" Fl 6" EM Sev Tet Striking, glossy finish with a deep purple triangular bloom with a black eye and large green throat. Lightly ruffled. A real "killer," glowing in the mid border. - Limited D/F $20.00
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