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Dan Mahoney (Trimmer) Ht 26" Fl 4.5" M Dor Tet Bright lushes pink with a spectacular bold scarlet red eye. This one looks good enough to eat. Voted top eyed daylily. A totally spectacular specimen daylily for a special spot in your garden. Very Limited S/F $25.00
Darkside (B.Culver) Ht 26" Fl 5.5" M Sev Tet A plush black purple with a green throat. This beauty has a triangular shape with lovely pie crust ruffling. Very resistant to marking from sun etc. and holds up well all day long. Northern hybridizer- strong plant. Limited D/F $35.00
David Kirchhoff (Salter) Ht 26" Fl 5.5" M Sev Tet Deep lavender blend with a shark tooth gold edge. Really outstanding in the garden. A strong re-bloomer for us. D/F $20.00
 sold out
Desert Flame (Santa Lucia) Ht 36" Fl 5.5" E Dor Tet Spectacular tall red tending to the orange side with lighter ribbing on the petals. A nicely ruffled triangular shaped flower. One of his best reds. D/F $32.00
Divine Comedy (S. Moldovan) Ht 36" Fl 5.5" E Dor Tet A unique rose purple with a yellow watermark. One of Steve's very best. Fantastic branching and a great breeder. D.C. is classed as a re-bloomer and fragrant. Limited S/F 35.00
 sold out
Donna Mae (Lorrain/Lycett) Ht 28" Fl 5.5" E Sev Tet A very feminine coral to salmon pink blend. Highly ruffled edge with a ruffled texture to the petals. Very beautiful and unusual and fragrant. Northern hybridizer and one of their best introductions. D/F $30.00
Dragon Fire Breath (Lorrain/ Lycett) Ht 24" Fl 6.5 Dor Tet A subtle unusual lavender red, with white edge and a throat that is brushed out on the petals. A picture does not do it justice. V/Limited S/F $25.00
Ed Brown (J.Salter) Ht 28" Fl 6" EM Sev Tet Shimmering ice pink with a heavily notched gold edge. Re-bloomer and an all time classic. Stout Medal Winner 2006. S/F $22.00
Elderberry Candy (P.Stamile) Ht 27" Fl 4" ML Dor Tet Soft orchid with a very dark plum eye and edge. I saw this bloom for the first time in 06. Well I stopped dead in my tracks and called Anne to see it. The huge dark plum eye is just spectacular. You must try to see this one. it is incredible! Classed as a re-bloomer. D/F $58.00
El Desperado (P.Stamile) Ht 28" Fl 5" L Dor Tet Ext Mustard yellow with a spectacular purple eye and edge. Great bud count, branching and a re-bloomer. One of Pat's very best. A classic. A really stunning flower in the garden. D/F $22.00
 sold out
Etched Eyes (Kaskel) Ht 28" Fl 5.5" E Ev Tet Very pastel cream yellow with an unusual raspberry eye that radiates onto the petals like fine wine running down a glass. A favourite with visitors with its striking eye and bright smile. D/F $20.00
Exotic Candy (P.Stamile) Ht 26" Fl 4.5" M Dor Tet Very beautiful clear pastel pink with a matching cerise lipstick red eye. It has a nice round open habit and is slightly recurved. Classed as a re-bloomer and fragrant. Great plant! D/F $18.00
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