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Absolutely Fabulous (Lorrain/Lycett) Ht 28" Fl 4.5" M Sev Dip A melon cream DOUBLE with a burgundy eye. One of Doug's very best. This one sells on sight. SPECIAL D/F $18.00
Admiral's Braid (P. Stamile) Ht 21" Fl 5.5" m Ev Tet Fr White on the pink side with a strong gold edge. Very elegant. Great plant for hybridizing gold edges. Specimen plant. SPECIAL D/F $20.00
 sold out
Alexander's Ragtime Band (Kichhoff) Ht 30" Fl 6.5" EM Ev Tet Re Melon yellow pink blend. One of David's very best DOUBLES. Blooms for us from early July right through to frost. Incredible! Limited D/F $30.00
All Fired Up (P. Stamile) Ht 20" Fl 6" E Ev Tet Re A truly unusual flower by one of the top hybridizers in the world. Fabulous orange with a red eye and edge. For the hot garden. Award Of Merit 2005 D/F $20.00
Angel Rodgers (Wilson) Ht 25" Fl 6" ML Dor Dip A very clear lavender with a bright purple eye Outstanding clarity of colour. Beautifully ruffled with great substance and veining. SPECIAL D/F $20.00
Anthony Mullins (Lorrain/Lycett) Ht 32" Fl 6" ML Dor Tet An unusual dark rose/lavender with paler water mark highlighted by a bright chartreuse throat and green heart. Heavy veining and fine ruffling add to the exquisite beauty of the bloom. SPECIAL D/F $20.00
Apron Strings (Ward) Ht 22" Fl 7.5" EM Ev Dip Spider Mauve spider variant with a pink eye zone and wide green throat. A beauty and makes a statement in the garden. Great Movement! D/F $14.00
 sold out
Autumn Wood (Dougherty) Ht 24" Fl 5.5" EM Dor Dip Ext A very clear peach polychrome Very ruffled, recurved and round. Exquisitely beautiful bloom. A winner! D/F $20.00
Ayesha (Lorrain/Lycett) Ht 25" Fl 6" M Dor Tet Dark lavender with a darker lavender halo. Heavily ruffled and a very clear pure unusual colour. Really beautiful! SPECIAL D/F $18.00
Bela Lugosi (Hanson) Ht 33" Fl 6" M Sev Tet Dark , dark purple with dark red toning. I saw this bloom for the first time last year and WOW! Cannot describe this beauty! Limited D/F $28.00
Big Kiss (Joiner) Ht 28" Fl 5.5" E Dor Dip Re Fr Pale peach peony type DOUBLE with a light rose eye. Large ruffled flower with a huge presence. Great plant habit. A favourite! D/F $18.00
Bill Norris (Kirchhoff) Ht 29" Fl 5" M Sev Tet HM AM SM Re Deep bright golden yellow. A most deserving Stout Medal winner in 2002. This one is so spectacular that we have placed it at the entrance to our garden. Highly ruffled and fragrant. Extremely high bud count and branching which means lots of bloom for a very long time. Consistently perfect flowers every time. Limited D/F $ 25.00
Blackberry Candy (P. Stamile) Ht 25" Fl 4" M Dor Tet Re Fr Ext Deep gold with a red/black radiating eye. Pie crust edge and round open flower. Very showy in the garden with all the great qualities of the Candy Series. Great plant! SPECIAL D/F $18.00
Blueberry Frost (P. Stamile) Ht 28" Fl 5" M Ev Tet Re Fr Blue purple blend of unusual shades and colours. Truly an unusual flower by one of the top hybridizers in the world. Beautiful! Limited D/F $35.00
Bongo Bongo (Pickles) Ht 26" Fl 6" M Sev Tet Re Chrome yellow with light yellow ribs and wine eye and edge. Just a spectacular specimen flower in the garden. Our visitors love it. V/Limited S/F $22.00
 sold out
Border Music (Salter) Ht 26" Fl 6" M Sev Tet Re Just spectacular! Cream almost white with a huge dark purple eye and edge. A great specimen plant for a special place. Very popular. V/Limited S/F $25.00
 sold out
Broadway Phantom (G. Stamile) Ht 17" Fl 3" EM Sev Tet Re Fr Noc Velvety purple with a blue purple eye. This is coming out of Grace's quest for the blue daylily. Perfectly circular, sun fast and long blooming. 20 to 22 buds per scape.. (Selling for $50.00 U.S.) SPECIAL D/F $35.00
 sold out
Broadway Starlet (G. Stamile) Ht 18" Fl 3" EM Sev Tet Re Medium red with darker red eye and a hint or a darker edge to frame this spectacular miniature. Sets a new standard for red miniatures for form and colour. 22 to 24 buds per scape. (Selling for $50.00 U.S.) SPECIAL D/F $35.00
 sold out
Cajun Concert (Mason) Ht 30" Fl 6" EM Sev Tet Re Deep rich fuchsia pink with carmine eye and veining. Great ruffling, substance and bud count (20+). Veining matches the eye making this just a stunning garden plant. Northern U.S. hybridizer, strong plant. V/Limited S/F $32.00
Cardassian Border (Petit) Ht 24" Fl 5.5" EM Sev Tet Re Large cream peony type DOUBLE bloom with a dark burgundy eye swirling amongst the petals. A collectors daylily. Award winner. V/Limited S/F $58.00
Chance Encounter (P.Stamile) Ht 23" Fl 6" E Ev Tet Re Fr Ext Raspberry rose blend with lovely ruffling and accented with a gold edge. A very unusual colour with great substance and clarity. D/F $20.00
Channeled Agression (C. Hanson) Ht 36" Fl 5" E Sev Tet Cerise/red with a rose watermark, lighter mid ribs and lovely ruffling.. It has a rare richness not found in many daylilies. Unusual! Great performer from a northern hybridizer. Winner! D/F $25.00
Coming Up Posies (Kirchhoff) Ht 32" Fl 5" EM Ev Tet Fantastic! Peach with a stippled lavender orchid halo and a yellow to green to deep gold throat. Peony type Double. It also is a re bloomer with extended bloom and fragrant. Can't ask for more. Ltd S/F $60.00
Crumple (Whatley) Ht 24" Fl 6" M Dor Tet Shining golden yellow with very heavy substance and wonderful ruffled edge. The heavy substance gives it a highly unusual appearance. A good strong yellow to brighten your garden. D/F $18.00
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